Monday, October 4, 2010

The first day

Opening his eyes  for the first time, Toeby found himself alone. He did not mind as this was new to him but after a while he became lonely and decided to create the universe. Upon creating this vast collection he traveled across the stars admiring his work. He was content, until one day while contemplating the mysteries of his universe he realised he was alone.

So he went about creating life, he tried to create another like him but unfortunately they would not live for very long. So he kept trying, spending millennium creating and testing, trying to create one like himself. Until he gave up, mushed the remains together and threw it away. Giving up he sat down to drink a substance that would later be named Tequila and eat a meat that would be later called steak.

While Toeby was eating some other smart ass came along and created toes but they were abominations attached to the feet of creatures that walked on two legs. Toeby declared war on the creatures that day.


  1. Toeby!!!!!!!!!!!!! My I be a disciple? I wish to worship your awesomeness.